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Guest -> 2 questions (6/2/2007 11:32:01 AM)

2 Questions:
  What determines how a person is described on the board? Some people are New Posters & others are EBSQ Artists. What determines that? Though I've been posting since 2005 on this format, I'm still a New Poster. People who've joined in 2007 with fewer posts are EBSQ Artists, what's the difference. Am I not an EBSQ Artist?
   The other question is how can I change my email on the board. When I go to "edit account" I see it the email addy, but can find no way to change it. Must this be done by an admin?
   Thanks for an  help anyone can give me.

gillie -> RE: 2 questions (6/2/2007 11:38:42 AM)

You're listed as a new posted due to a technical glitch with the forum software. We'll get that manaully changed for you.

And yes, your email address has to be updated by an admin. Please PM me your current email address and one of us will make the update for you.

gillie -> RE: 2 questions (6/2/2007 12:19:35 PM)


The one problem is fixed. But I need your current email address to fix the other, por favor.

Guest -> RE: 2 questions (6/2/2007 12:39:12 PM)

 Wow, that was speedy! Thanks for taking that New Poster off, it's much better now. Cool!
   I'll send you my new email addy to fix the other thing.
   Thanks for your prompt response. Appreciate it.

Harlan -> RE: 2 questions (6/2/2007 3:37:05 PM)

Totally unrelated -

Love your avatar, Jackie!!! :)

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