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EBSQ Launched 'EBSQ Art of the Day' on the first of December 2003. Our editors choose a weekly theme with complementary art for each day of that week. The Art of the Day is always available online. If you are a registered EBSQ Patron or a member artist, you can sign up for daily email notifications.

and for some reason, our FAQ entry about AOTD isn't showing up. will check to see why it's turned off in the database. but it's very similar to this blurb regarding featured artists:

How do I become a featured artist?
It is purely an editorial decision; there is no application. Featured artists are chosen based on a number of factors: style of work, media, genre, and how their work complements or contrasts with the other featured artist and/or editorial content.

there is no submission process. we go out and search for work that pertains to our themes. the art for any given week is done a week at a time all at once in advance, and not picked daily.

the best thing you can do to make sure your work is seen, not just by our editors, but by the world at large, is to include titles, media, and an artist statement with each piece. the more relevant info you include, the more likely you'll be found. [:)]

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