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Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/2/2005 9:30:37 PM)

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gillie -> RE: Problems uploading images (8/2/2005 9:34:20 PM)

anyone else on a mac or non-IE browser experiencing any weirdness? we're still getting things configured before we do our own mac testing. if it is OS or browser specific, there may be a fix out there...

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/2/2005 9:38:49 PM)

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gillie -> RE: Problems uploading images (8/2/2005 9:59:08 PM)

the slow loading thing is actually because our server is running both the cgi of yabb and the asp.net of this at the same time and it's hogging a lot of the cpu resources. once we're all tidied up here and yabb is gone, a lot of the slowness/apparent unresponsiveness issues *should* go away.

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/2/2005 10:02:08 PM)

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Guest -> RE: Problems uploading images (8/3/2005 12:04:14 AM)

I still can't get an avatar up...I keep getting the same thing Guy did..."There was an error saving the file to disk." [:(]

gillie -> RE: Problems uploading images (8/3/2005 7:52:55 AM)

not sure what's going on, olga. we haven't been able to replicate the problem, but we're still looking into it.

dawnt -> RE: Problems uploading images (8/3/2005 8:15:23 AM)

I'm on Mac OSX.2 using Firefox, and no issues at all, with the exception of some slow loading, which is, I assume, from both boards taking up bandwidth.

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Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/3/2005 10:14:40 AM)

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bromley2 -> RE: Problems uploading images (8/3/2005 3:00:48 PM)

I am seriously discouraged.  Tried several times to do an avatar.  I keep getting size to large.  I sized it in photoshop down to 7k and was told still too large.  Then I tried Shannon's idea of using Save for Web......still no luck.  I am just doomed to look silly among the rest of you.

Me very discouraged I feel so inept.  I also tried to put a pic in a posting and was that a disaster.  I can't seem to do anything.  Someone IM me if you know what I am doing wrong.

I can't even get a smily to work......sigh, now that is pretty bad.


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Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/3/2005 3:10:25 PM)

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bromley2 -> RE: Problems uploading images (8/3/2005 5:19:12 PM)

Cel, I reduced the compression in one of my attempts....still too large.  This is a low compressed 7k image.........sheesh!  I think it hates me.

Guy, I am using IE and I think that is the one where everyone is having success...........

I think I will just go bang my head on the monitor.


gillie -> RE: Problems uploading images (8/3/2005 5:42:05 PM)

i wish i could be of more help, but i am just as baffled with the avatar thing as you folks are. sorry :(

bromley2 -> RE: Problems uploading images (8/3/2005 7:13:32 PM)

It's not your fault, Amie!  I will get it, just sometimes I am awfully slow and get easily frustrated.  I am a digital artist and have figured out crazier things so I will make it! 

Maybe this hitting my head on the monitor will help.......who knows?!!  LOL


Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/3/2005 7:41:21 PM)

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bromley2 -> RE: Problems uploading images (8/3/2005 9:43:42 PM)

Gee, that helps a loT!  I will give it a try in the am. My head hurts from battering my monitor with it.............Thanks for the detailed how-to, it should help....or maybe I have frightened it into working by beating on the monitor! 

Carolyn[:)] (I think I am getting the hang of the smilies, so I may make it)

Guest -> RE: Problems uploading images (8/3/2005 10:40:57 PM)

well hell...I managed to get my avatar to load by going to internet explorer, but it's still not showing up here...what am I doing wrong now? I feel like an idiot. [:(]

Guest -> RE: Problems uploading images (8/3/2005 10:49:54 PM)

Yay!! I did it! I remembered (miracle) Kelly (I think) said you need to click "apply" after loading...and it worked...finally! [:D]

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