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which gallery?
which images?
where did you change your email address
was it your main contact or public email?
sorry your message to tech slipped through the cracks! unfortunately, due to the sheer quantity of requests receive, that does happen from time to time.

once we know more specifically what is going on with each of the items on the list, we can better addresss them.


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ORIGINAL: guy_david

Maybe you should try and remove the underscore character between the A and the Pullip.

that would be my recomendation as well.

and i'm guessing that the hotmail address listed is your public email address, since that's what we always grab first when contacting members. you can change that under "marketing" in your profile tools.

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gillie -> RE: help (8/26/2005 10:00:01 AM)

just remember that if you created coas for any of the items you're "pruning" that deleting them completely will leave you with a bunch of broken jpegs; our system requires them to stick around for the coa's to work. (this isn't a problem for pieces without ebsq coa's, tho!)

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