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Robin47 -> Not a problem but... (7/27/2006 1:56:10 PM)

An observation. I just started using Opera 9.0. (OK, might have problems, but I love it so far in a masochistic kind of way) I was logging into the not-forum side and when I hit the sign in button it went to the home screen and up at the top it still said "not logged in" and "log in". I was hoping to see profile so I thought that the log in had failed. I hit log in again and was presented with the sign in dialog but up at the top it said "profile" and "log out". Aha! i said and hit the profile button. It went to the profile. So maybe it was an idiosyncrasy of Opera to go back to a cached page or something but at least I got in.
Yeah, so some of you laughed when I said I was using Seamonkey. I would still be using it if the update hadn't broken the rendering of avatars in the forum. I don't know if anyone else is using Opera but if you are, you might want to look out for this little thing.
Otherwise, It's fabulous and does a great many things.

Robin YMM

blumoo -> RE: Not a problem but... (7/27/2006 3:38:39 PM)

I use the appropriate browser for my mood and Opera is one of them. I have never had any issues with it here but I will use for the next little bit and see if anything happens.

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