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AnnieM -> Guy - I need Help (8/20/2005 1:25:21 PM)

Hello Guy:

I'd like to link to my ebsq profile to because as of right now, no-one who sees my posts here on the forum can access my ebsq art. But you said to use My Site
But where do I find out what the "My Site" is? Is that just my ebsq art name Ann Murray? When I use Ann Murray for my site, it just goes to the EBSQ main page and not to my personal eBSQ page with my portfolio on it.

Thank you thank you sooo much, you are a gentleman and a scholar, pleeease help me ob-1,

Annie [image][/image]

gillie -> RE: Guy - I need Help (8/20/2005 1:38:08 PM)

annie, your unique url is

AnnieM -> YAY! I DID IT! I DID IT! (8/20/2005 1:45:03 PM)

Yaaaay! Thank you Aime - BIG SMOOCHERS!!! I did it! Now it all links up o.k.! I'm so happy [image][/image] 
Why am I getting so ecstatic? Because I'm not a computery person AT ALL and I've been struggling away here and I finally got it with Guy's tutorial and your help. [image][/image][image][/image][image][/image]

Happy me,

gillie -> RE: YAY! I DID IT! I DID IT! (8/20/2005 2:00:26 PM)

yay you!!!!!

see, knew you could do it!!

::bounces up and down with you::


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