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gillie -> ice breaker: 5 albums, 50 years (8/17/2005 11:04:46 AM)

This stems from a conversation I was having with my best friend the other day. If you could only listen to 5 albums for the rest of your life, with one being from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and 00's, what would they be and why? And if you could only pick one of these to be your only album, which one would it be?

here's mine:
60's Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles.

This was my defining Beatles album. Probably my favourite one since it was my mother's favourite. And it's one of those albums that has great individual songs, but really works well as a total album from beginning to end to evoke a mood and a journey.

Abbey Road and the white album come in close seconds.

70's Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

Again, this is a really perfect album from beginning to end, evocative of a mood and a journey. Simply great to paint to. Plus, it really brings back college nostalgia.

Runner up would be Abba Gold for completely different vibes, but for the same reasons as above. Except for the painting part. Makes me wanna dance instead!

80's The Joshua Tree by U2

There's no question that U2 has been and will most likely continue to be my favourite band. And if I could only listen to one U2 album for the rest of my life, this would be it. There's so much depth to the layers of music here. Dissecting the harmonies. The way the notes are put together. Again, perfect as an album in totality. This is beyond a doubt the ultimate roadtrip album, and it's been in continuous circulation in my car since 87.

My runner up would be Synchronicity by the Police for most of the same reasons noted above

90's Under the Pink by Tori Amos

I know a lot of my friends who are early Tori fans prefer Little Earthquakes, but this is for me Tori's defining album. Again, perfect from beginning to end as a solid listening experience. Great to paint to. And I find new things within it every time.

Sarah McLachlan's Fumbling Towards Ecstacy is a close second for this decade.

00's Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Ros

Most of my work that I've painted within the past 2-3 years was painted to this album. Particularly my cello work. This album, like my other choices, is solid solid solid from beginning to end. Wonderfully ambient. And always gets me in the mood to create. Definitely an essential art supply for me.

And if I could pick only one? The Joshua Tree, because frankly, in close to 20 years, I haven't gotten tired of it yet! Plus, Abbey likes trying to woowooo along with Bono, which makes it even cooler now.

So--I've come clean. What are your essentials?

labeana -> RE: ice breaker: 5 albums, 50 years (8/17/2005 12:19:40 PM)

That was a great post, Amie...

Let it Be is my fave from the 60's......I love the maturity of their work, and I can never listen to it without thinking that it was their last album together(sigh)

Dreamboat Annie-this album(and Dog and Butterfly)knocked me off my socks and made me a huge fan of Heart

Rickie Lee Jones first album....especially two cuts, The Last Chanch Texico and Company, really did it for me....

Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA.....this is the one album I would listen to if I only had one to choose

I'm embarrassed to say that I usually listen to oldies so I can't think of an album from the 00's I like best lol...

gillie -> RE: ice breaker: 5 albums, 50 years (8/17/2005 12:47:41 PM)

i'm not much of an "ought" girl myself. but there are a few things here and there that catch my interest. mostly very moody stuff like sigur ros, godspeed you black emperor, coldplay, elbow, etc.

and dreamboat annie--that was another one of my mom's faves that i have the warm fuzzies for!

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gillie -> RE: ice breaker: 5 albums, 50 years (8/17/2005 8:55:39 PM)



80's --INXS  --er, late-decade compilation.  Can't remember the name. (I don't care if he died masturbating.  I >heart< Michael Hutchence.)

coroner's report disproved that theory, so heart away! i adored me some michael, myself!

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/17/2005 9:25:11 PM)

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gillie -> RE: ice breaker: 5 albums, 50 years (8/17/2005 10:29:15 PM)

google michael hutchence suicide and quite a bit of info comes up. sad story, really.

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/18/2005 2:19:15 AM)

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Guest -> RE: ice breaker: 5 albums, 50 years (9/13/2005 10:07:40 PM)

60's  Sgt. Pepper (I'm fixing a hole where the rain comes in . . .)  
[image][/image]70's LED ZEP!
80's Duran Duran  hard to choose between the debut and Rio but the debut.
90's Nevermind by Nirvana  (I could have seen them in Seattle but I didn't have my ID! to get in)
00's We're in that now right? [8|] The Darkness (I believe in a thing called love) the whole album ROCKS.

Oh and Dawn, I am a big TUPAC fan and yet I listen to Ozzy Osbourne too.


ORIGINAL: kellythern

90's---- Jordan Knight (from NKOTB) had a solo disc that was self titled.  He has a beautiful voice, and he cover's Prince's "Never take the place of your man"'s gorgeous.  Speaking of prince, I wanted to pick him too.  But I pick Jordan.

Kelly, Kelly Kelly Kelly.  How is this possible?  Jordan over Prince?  No No!  Prince gave us Erotic City, Do you wanna be my lover?, Purple Rain et al, Cream, Rasberry Beret.  Jordan?  If we were talking Mike Jordan (Bulls) I'd understand.

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Guest -> RE: ice breaker: 5 albums, 50 years (9/14/2005 10:03:48 AM)

NIN is good to strip to, I think Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard is hysterical to strip to, Motley Crue's Girls, Girls, Girls. 

ilex9, the BEST CONCERT EVER that I attended was Tom Petty at the Meadowlands (either 89 or 90) the tour to promote Into the Great Wide Open.

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (9/14/2005 12:52:42 PM)

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Guest -> RE: ice breaker: 5 albums, 50 years (9/14/2005 2:43:56 PM)

OH MY GOSH!  You are one of the few people I know that has heard of Ministry.  I've never been to one of their concerts, I understand the crowds are wild. 

Harlan -> RE: ice breaker: 5 albums, 50 years (9/14/2005 5:30:44 PM)

Nothing like an EASY question !!

Yep, this question is NOTHING like an easy question!!!

I can't choose by decade - there is a lot of music that I loved at particular times but are of little interest to me now.

Right now if I were to choose 5 CDs

Ravel's Bolero
Beethoven's 9th
Deep Forest- Music Detected
John Ardorney's Beckoning or Waiting for the Moon
Annie Lennox Bare

Guest -> RE: ice breaker: 5 albums, 50 years (9/14/2005 6:54:53 PM)

Hey now, classical should have it's own category.  I mean Ravel, Bach, Beethoven.  This is apples and oranges with the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

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