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ORIGINAL: mariemella

[:)]hello ! no access at this time,
www.ebsqart.com does not want to load,
other parts of the site work (am here[:)]) but also from those other pages of the ebsqart-site, no access to the homepage,
here the error-message-copy

hope is helps ! hope you get it fixed ?(I used both netscape and IEexplorer, same results)


EBSQ Error Page

Category: Microsoft VBScript runtime
Number: (0x800A000D)
Descripton: Type mismatch: 'Server.URLEncode'

Reference Number: 8813

This information has been emailed to the site administrator.
Feel free to also contact them at tech@ebsqart.com.
Please include the above-mentioned Reference Number in your correspondence.
Also, a short message about what part of the site you were using, and what you were attempting to do would be most helpful and appreciated.

there was a glitch in the code for this week's art of the day, which temporarily "broke" the front page. it's all better now and had nothing to do at all with other maintenance, etc. just a boo-boo on our part.

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