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Guest -> Kiki Smith at Boston MFA (3/14/2006 4:46:30 PM)

Hi there,

I'm a new person here and this is my first post.

I am curious if anybody that is a member here may be attending the special fundraiser event at the Boston MFA for Kiki Smith in May. I have considered attending but no no one else (being a starving artist[;)]) that is.

She is one of my favorites so I know it would be worthwhile.

Thank you. I hope to return as things calm down on my side of the monitor and become more acquainted.


labeana -> RE: Kiki Smith at Boston MFA (3/14/2006 7:31:25 PM)

Deidre, your work is stunning!! 

John Borerro lives in Boston, he might be interested in seeing her show, just pm him and see....

welcome, and please come back soon...

Guest -> RE: Kiki Smith at Boston MFA (3/15/2006 2:02:00 PM)

Hi Lauren,

Thank you so much! I also looked at your work and it is so meticulous and perfect. It's wonderful.

I am hoping to take more part in the forums so that I can actually put identities to the work and see it some sort of context.

I am acquainted with John's work too. I love it!

My expectations for attending the Kiki smith dinner are low. It would be great to hear her speak though.

labeana -> RE: Kiki Smith at Boston MFA (3/15/2006 5:42:37 PM)

is this a costly dinner or something? it's not just a gallery opening?

Guest -> RE: Kiki Smith at Boston MFA (3/23/2006 3:29:59 PM)


Sorry for the time it took me to reply. I haven't had computer access for the past few days.

Unfortunately, it is a costly event - a costly MFA fundraiser. Every year an artist is chosen to receive this award and it is comprised of cocktails, dinner, and presentation. Last year it was Jim Dine.

I have never gone and I don't know to whom it is open. Since I have sold work at the Christmas Sale for the past couple of years I have received an invitation. I am so curious and Kiki Smith is one of my favorites. It also sounds fun - just a little beyond my usual budget.

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