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Robin47 -> Apparent conflict with IE 7 (3/8/2006 2:51:45 PM)

I just downloaded the beta of Internet Explorer 7 and am really impressed. However, every time I try to log on to EBSQ the login fails.[:(] I went back to SeaMonkey and it works fine. Must be something about MS and am I disappointed. It's great in every way but the one that counts.
Anyone else have this problem?


gillie -> RE: Apparent conflict with IE 7 (3/8/2006 3:07:18 PM)

"how" does the login fail? What happens when you try to log in?

Robin47 -> RE: Apparent conflict with IE 7 (3/8/2006 7:49:15 PM)

I clipped a copy of the box and i think i'm including it in the post. Oh, doesn't look like it's going to work. Anyway, it's just the same login box and it says-

"Login Failed. For security purposes, the reason for the failure is not revealed. (Username or Password was incorrect.)"

I use the same one that I use with SeaMonkey. [8|]



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