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melindadalke -> Upload (1/23/2021 5:52:49 PM)

Hi, I can't upload photos to my albums - what browser should I be using - tried Firefox and Google Chrome. I need to post listings and have put them off for a while.

gillie -> RE: Upload (1/23/2021 5:58:24 PM)

Right now, uploads aren’t working. It’s a known issue I thought had been taken care of but apparently hasn’t. Bill says he is working on it this weekend. Hopefully we’ll have updates soon.

pooh2006 -> RE: Upload (2/9/2021 12:57:12 AM)

Any idea if and when this is going to be fixed

Harlan -> RE: Upload (2/10/2021 12:48:42 PM)

Amie posted on Facebook that they are trying to raise money to hire another programmer to solve this particular problem.

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