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sacuff -> Art missing from portfolio (1/30/2016 12:12:10 PM)


I apologize ahead of time if this is posted in an incorrect place or has already been answered, but I am just desperate for some help. My mother had an extensive profile on EBSQ and was a very active member for many years. She had paintings in her portfolio dating back as early as 2004 I know. She passed away in 2013 and thus these paintings are extremely important to me. Up until fairly recently (around 2015), I was able to view all of the paintings in her portfolio on the site. Most of these images have long since been lost on older computers and not uploaded to other websites except the now-defunct Webshots (I've recovered what public photos I could from archives of Webshots, however a lot of albums were private and not recoverable.) and I am just hoping that the same fate has not happened to all of the priceless images that were in her EBSQ portfolio. Since sometime in 2015, all the photos come up as blank corrupted image files on every browser and computer I try to view them on. I can see some of the thumbnails on the Wayback Machine (an internet archive), however I cannot load them or save them from there. I'm not sure if she might have had some kind of long-running subscription that was paying for these images to be hosted for so long that finally ended when the credit cards expired in the last few years or what. I just really want to be able to recover these paintings. If needed to remedy the situation, I'm sure I could find her log-in details.

Thank you very much for your time.

gillie -> RE: Art missing from portfolio (1/30/2016 12:45:36 PM)

Please get in touch directly at to discuss your unique case. We don't host art for lapsed memberships indefinitely, and I don't know who your mother is, but we may still have something on file.

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