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almalee -> Lost Verbage on show entry (3/30/2015 12:32:29 PM)

Today I went to copy the statement from my Lonely Goat entry, in order to sell it on another site and when I got there all that was there was the statement which is what I do with most of my items when I first upload them. I had went back on this particular piece and added my accompaning story to finish off the statement, even read it back to someone and then posted it on the site for the exhibit. Today it was gone. I had to change my story bc I could not remember the first one, and re-enter it again and I am hoping that no one thought the other little blurb was my statement for an exihibit. I was using Chrome the first time and this time I re wrote in Safari.

gillie -> RE: Lost Verbage on show entry (3/30/2015 12:42:54 PM)

How long ago did you post the original statement?

almalee -> RE: Lost Verbage on show entry (3/30/2015 8:23:53 PM)

you know I don't know for sure, but if I had t o guess I would say somewhere around the 15th'

almalee -> RE: Lost Verbage on show entry (3/30/2015 8:26:19 PM)

Let's change that I just noticed that I posted the art work in the forums on the 19th, prolly the 20-22.

gillie -> RE: Lost Verbage on show entry (4/1/2015 3:33:53 PM)

We're still trying to discern if this is a new issue or if this was something that was already solved. I'll let you know when we know, and so sorry that your original was lost!

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