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Deleted User -> [Deleted] (1/30/2006 1:09:23 PM)

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gillie -> RE: Hi everyone! (1/30/2006 1:10:25 PM)

You finally made it! Hooray!

Cheers and enjoy,

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (1/30/2006 1:16:17 PM)

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Deleted User -> [Deleted] (1/30/2006 1:35:00 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

bromley2 -> RE: Hi everyone! (1/30/2006 2:28:18 PM)

Welcome!  lovely work!


Deleted User -> [Deleted] (1/30/2006 2:40:07 PM)

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wkevinmurray -> RE: Hi everyone! (1/30/2006 3:08:41 PM)

Hello there... Hi there... Welcome !!


GreenBiscuit -> RE: Hi everyone! (1/30/2006 3:55:39 PM)

What's up, Doc?  Okay, sorry, but you *knew* someone would say that, as I am guessing people do all the time, so I figured I would be the first goofball......Hi there and welcome! 

Guest -> RE: Hi everyone! (1/30/2006 9:22:56 PM)

Hiya Doc! [img]http://www.anchoredbygrace.com/smileys/icon_welcome.gif[/img]

Guest -> RE: Hi everyone! (2/3/2006 3:33:49 PM)

I shouldn't be surpirsed....

Donna beat me to "what's up doc"!  [:D]

Love the art, it is very interesitng!

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (2/3/2006 4:01:10 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

labeana -> RE: Hi everyone! (2/3/2006 5:51:52 PM)

Beautiful work, welcome!!

dawnt -> RE: Hi everyone! (2/3/2006 6:14:57 PM)

Hi Doc!

LOVE the Japanese Doll series! Welcome to the boards!


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