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Lindi -> Just curious... (8/27/2013 10:35:00 PM)

What makes someone a "Super Poster" here on the forums? I noticed that some people have 8,000 posts or more, and their title thingy will just say "Juried Member, EBSQ" or some such, when it seems like with that many posts, they would be "Super"... I'm juried, and I don't post that much compared to others, yet mine says "Super Poster" instead of "Juried..." I was just wondering how it works. I had thousands of posts on the old forums, but not here. Maybe that's why I'm "Super"? Jus' curious about how that works. [:)]

gillie -> RE: Just curious... (8/28/2013 6:09:04 AM)

I think it depends upon if the member was juried before or after this version of the forums was created. We don't have any real control over it. If a member has more than one user group, it displays the most recently bestowed one.

Lindi -> RE: Just curious... (8/28/2013 11:30:44 AM)

Okay, so it is just sorta willy-nilly. [:D] I thought maybe that was the case.

gillie -> RE: Just curious... (8/28/2013 11:32:53 AM)

There's no way to designate a hierarchy for multiple user groups to say that one is more important than another. I'll have to look at that aspect of the new forum software to see if that's something that will be changing or not.

gillie -> RE: Just curious... (8/28/2013 11:38:00 AM)

Out of curiosity, I tried to either turn off or delete the "ranking" system here, but no joy. Oh well! [8D]

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