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GreenBiscuit -> Phone photos (8/19/2013 8:59:12 AM)

Can anyone help me figure out how to post photos from my Droid phone directly?

imakeart -> RE: Phone photos (8/19/2013 9:05:43 AM)

Onto the forums? Not sure you can, but Amie will know for sure.

GreenBiscuit -> RE: Phone photos (8/20/2013 10:49:52 AM)


platypus -> RE: Phone photos (8/20/2013 11:08:38 AM)

I had asked about this awhile ago, we can't do it now but it might be possible with the forum software upgrade. I really hope so, I would lovd to be able to share images here more easily.

GreenBiscuit -> RE: Phone photos (8/20/2013 12:46:06 PM)

Thanks Vicky.

gillie -> RE: Phone photos (8/20/2013 12:48:25 PM)

Currently not possible. Not even with the forum software update. The mobile interface is basically a stripped-back version of what you'll see on your desktop, and easier to read on a smaller screen.

As someone who takes 100% of her photos on her phone, I feel your pain. But we don't have the resources to hire a mobile app team, and it will need to be a team to manage inconsistencies across platforms.

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