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Lindi -> Personal galleries...? (11/28/2012 8:18:23 PM)

Hey... I'd like to make a new personal gallery, but when I click on the galleries tab, the only options I am presented with are "rename a gallery" and "delete a gallery". Am I in the wrong place?

I use the latest version of Firefox and Windows 7.


gillie -> RE: Personal galleries...? (11/28/2012 8:32:27 PM)

I haven't needed to make a new gallery in a while, so let me take a look to see whassup. Also, I just got your other message. I'll drop you a line once that's taken care of.

gillie -> RE: Personal galleries...? (11/28/2012 8:36:03 PM)

Ok, the way you do it is by uploading or editing an item. A personal gallery cannot exist without at least one piece in it, so that's why this is the route you have to take.

Once you're in "edit this item" mode, click "galleries" and directions are there for how to create a new gallery. Once it's created, you'll then find it in your list of galleries on the other page you referenced.

Lindi -> RE: Personal galleries...? (11/28/2012 8:59:20 PM)

Yay, it worked! Thank you! I wasn't expecting an answer until tomorrow. Now go to bed! [:D]

sojeo -> RE: Personal galleries...? (6/25/2013 11:32:20 PM)

This an old thread, but I just created a new gallery the other day, then deleted it. I wanted to go back and re create it but for some reason the option is not there. I went into edit the item and there is no option to create a new gallery. I'm sure that I found it when I went to edit the item.

gillie -> RE: Personal galleries...? (6/27/2013 3:28:34 PM)

I'm not sure if you've discovered a bug or if there's something else at play. What's the piece you tried to start a gallery with, and what was the gallery title you wanted to give it?

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