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MKirby -> HELLO (8/10/2012 8:12:28 AM)

Just signed up with EBSQ and wanted to say "Hello". I'm sort of a jack of all, or many trades. My main money making business is architectural rendering and wooden home replicas, but I love working in polymer and am trying hard to start an online following. I also enjoy dabbling in many other mediums. If anyone has suggestions on the best way to use this site, I'm all ears.. (Or eyes as the case maybe.) Please share your knowledge. And have a wonderful day!
Glad to be here! [:)]

lamillerphotography -> RE: HELLO (8/10/2012 8:27:17 AM)

Hey Melody! Welcome to the forums. I took a look at your portfolio and I have to tell you how much I like your work. The steampunk cat is my favorite!

Harlan -> RE: HELLO (8/10/2012 9:26:17 AM)

Welcome to the forums Melody!! Hope you will feel right at home here soon!! =^..^=

skeymask -> RE: HELLO (8/10/2012 9:46:36 AM)

Welcome, welcome!!

We talk about all kinds of stuff here. We have our individual "art related" topic sections, or you can always come hang out with us in the "Coffee Talk" section. That's where we talk about lots of different subjects, some controversial and some not.[:)][:)]

We look forward to getting to know you.


imakeart -> RE: HELLO (8/10/2012 9:50:43 AM)

Welcome to EBSQ!

Entering shows is a great way to be seen and I see you've already begun doing that. [;)] Also be sure to fill in your profile info--the Artist Statement--that way people viewing your art can find out a little about you.

gillie -> RE: HELLO (8/10/2012 9:58:21 AM)

Hi Melody! What a seriously cool day job!

bromley2 -> RE: HELLO (8/10/2012 4:54:09 PM)

Welcome to the forums!! I hope you enjoy it here. Lots of sections to look for helpful stuff. I loved your work in your portfolio. Can't wait to see more!!!


Guest -> RE: HELLO (8/10/2012 5:46:59 PM)

WELCOME MELODYYYY!!! What a great ETSY Shop, too! I'm lovin' the light switch plates! When you get a chance hop on over to coffee talk and see the thread on reintroduce yourself...you'll get to know us there! :) We'd love to know more about you as well! Happy Day to ya! [:D]

toucanne -> RE: HELLO (8/12/2012 1:35:44 AM)

Welcome, Melody! [:)]

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