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lamillerphotography -> Slow (6/9/2012 5:34:33 PM)

Has EBSQ been slow to open for anyone else? It takes a bit for the main page to open and a bit for the forum page to open. It takes a bit longer for the reply box. Not so bad once everything is open though...

Lindi -> RE: Slow (6/9/2012 9:28:34 PM)

Yeah, wow. Slow loading portfolio pages, too (was trying to look at a new member).

gillie -> RE: Slow (6/9/2012 9:38:17 PM)

Bill's currently working on speed issues. I'll let him know that what he's working on might be impacting the live version of the site. Thanks for the heads up!

(Since my laptop died, I'm on a borrowed POS machine and everything is slow for me, so I didn't notice a difference)

platypus -> RE: Slow (6/9/2012 9:53:18 PM)

It's always been a little slow for me too, I didn't notice a difference today.

bromley2 -> RE: Slow (6/12/2012 8:40:48 AM)

You are not alone, Lisa it has been slow for me, also. At least it has been for the last couple of days since I have returned from vacation. It is not all the time, just in certain situations. It takes a while to post a comment. Sometimes when I am going back, it is just a bit slower than I am used to.


AnnieM -> RE: Slow (6/12/2012 12:34:49 PM)

My whole internet, including EBSQ, has been slow for the past couple weeks.

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