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zuelsdorf -> Ability to arrange images in portfolio (8/31/2011 12:17:50 PM)

Hi, Not sure if I missed any news on this, but am wondering when/if we'll be able to re-order images in our portfolio. Since I am a photographer as well as artist with several different styles, i don't like the way my portfolio looks when a viewer clicks on the portfolio page. It looks disorganized and not at all coherent. I had just finished reorganizing hundreds of images when the new version of EBSQ came out.

Thanks for your consideration,

gillie -> RE: Ability to arrange images in portfolio (8/31/2011 12:34:27 PM)

There's no ETA for this feature. It's not something that's actively being worked on by our tech team, although it is a functionality we do plan to restore eventually, likely with drag-and-drop.

Thanks for writing with your concerns!

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