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zuelsdorf -> Counters (1/21/2011 5:55:23 PM)

[:)] I have been unable to find the counters link in my profile. Have there been problems with this? How Do I find the link? Also, do we still have the html code to insert Ebsq counters into an auction? Do we still have the About Me page creation feature?

gillie -> RE: Counters (1/21/2011 6:00:28 PM)

Counters are here:

The About Me tool isn't currently available

And the only new counters you're able to create right now are the ones that are built into our auction templates.

zuelsdorf -> RE: Counters (1/29/2011 6:55:41 PM)

Hi, I've made several new auctions using the old EBSQ Template and the counters for those new Ebay ads are not showing up on the counter page. Should they appear?


gillie -> RE: Counters (1/29/2011 8:30:39 PM)

By old, do you mean a version you had saved?

zuelsdorf -> RE: Counters (1/30/2011 12:45:09 AM)

No, this is the first one of the two versions of templates now available when you use the template tool.

gillie -> RE: Counters (1/30/2011 12:59:15 PM)

I would have thought so. Let me see what I can find out since this isn't my area of expertise.

zuelsdorf -> RE: Counters (1/31/2011 11:14:38 PM)

Thanks, Gillie

gillie -> RE: Counters (2/1/2011 10:42:29 AM)

Here's what I know so far:

Yes, the new templates are supposed to generate counters automatically, just like before.

No, we don't yet know why this isn't working. But we're looking into it. Thanks for letting us know about this issue!

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