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gillie -> RE: Seasonal art in galleries??? (11/28/2005 6:47:26 PM)

ah, i see april is quick draw mcgraw today!

yup, that's it in a nutshell. [:D]

Lindi -> RE: Seasonal art in galleries??? (11/28/2005 6:58:53 PM)

uh.... I have a question, too. [:D]

Does seasonal art include, like.... Valentine's Day? Easter? Halloween? Or is this pretty much a wintery holiday kind of thing?

oops never mind. I just saw "December Holidays". [:-]

gillie -> RE: Seasonal art in galleries??? (11/28/2005 7:31:46 PM)

oy, i think my daughter just deleted my post. bad abbey!

yes, this time it's just december holidays, although we'll do seasonal art for each majorish holiday as it comes with art appropriate to the gallery each time.

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