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AnnieM -> how to delete a post (9/13/2009 4:53:05 PM)

Hi - Can anyone tell me how to completely delete a post? I posted a plea for help, and then got it in a different post, so I wanted to delete my first post. I didn't see anywhere to completely delete the post, so I just typed a period and deleted the rest of the post. Isn't there a way to delete a whole post?

lamillerphotography -> RE: how to delete a post (9/13/2009 7:30:19 PM)

I'm thinkin' only a topic host can do that Annie.

AnnieM -> RE: how to delete a post (9/13/2009 7:44:27 PM)

Hi Lisa: I had a feeling that might be the case. It's not a biggie... I had just asked a question in one topic, and then gotten an answer in another topic, so my post was just taking up space. I'll write that down so I won't forget it this time :)

gillie -> RE: how to delete a post (9/13/2009 10:23:48 PM)

Yup, only topic hosts can delete posts. Point me to where you want your post deleted and we'll take care of it.

BTW--sorry to be late chiming in with tech support answers today; it's my husband's birthday and I've got two sick kiddos, so my computer time has been limited today.

platypus -> RE: how to delete a post (9/13/2009 10:31:22 PM)

It was in one of my topics so I deleted it.

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