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VikkiKing -> "...had this been an actual emergecy of..." (7/12/2009 2:10:21 PM)

[8D]"This is a test. this is only a test."  Sorry to bother everyone, I'm not only new to EBSQ I'm new to this whole "blogging thing"  which I haven't done since we had "read news in 1991 ish."  So I'm changing settings and trying to figure out how it works. Like, if "I post this here,  it appears where?" and really remedial stuff like that.  I'm actually having trouble just "getting back to that page I was at before"  and stuff.  OLD POOR PEOPLE.  What can you do with us?  I missed that technological revolution so I'm taking a crash course on catching up.  I upgraded to artist member today, (Sunday) so any tips on how to be an artist in this century that can actually really SELL art would be helpful and very much appreciated.  I think I'm starting a new thread.  I would like it to be about how one actually gets and uses accounts on like ebay and ETSY, or what ever.  Like I've heard about "keywords", which excuse me are now called tags.  I've seen many artcles on how to choose them and use artist statemnts that include them, but I don't have the slightest Idea how to apply them or attach them, whatever, once you figure out what they should be.
Sorry, off ranting on a tangent again.  I just wanted to say "hi".  I'll go back to posting messages and seeing what happens.  Didn't mean to bother.

VikkiKing -> RE: "...had this been an actual emergecy of..." (7/12/2009 2:39:54 PM)

Yes I'm replying to my own post, like a p.s.  Question.  When like calls for entry people are asking you for a jpeg.  What size and resolution images is like the standard? or at least a good guess?  What's better, to be conscious of your image quality or file size?

Robin47 -> RE: "...had this been an actual emergecy of..." (7/12/2009 2:52:35 PM)

Hi there! Often you will find that information in a FAQ sheet attached to the particular web site. It can vary from organization to organization.

Guest -> RE: "...had this been an actual emergecy of..." (7/12/2009 3:33:35 PM)


This section has questions and answers by ebsq people about all the different ways to sell art or promote yourself online.

Welcome by the way [:)]

bromley2 -> RE: "...had this been an actual emergecy of..." (7/12/2009 3:49:00 PM)

Welcome, Welcome!!  Whew, there was a lot there in your post.  Don't think I can answer much, but can tell you there is a lot of information here that can help....lots of categories to get you started here on the forums.  We are a great bunch and I think you will enjoy it here.  Glad you upgraded to Artist because you will get a lot out of this place.  One thing first is to get some of your work in your portfolio.  I was impressed with the one image and sure want to see more!!!

Not sure what you mean about the picture question.  When I post here in the threads I make sure one side is 600 pixels in size and the other size is proportionate to that.  That size fits well in a thread and the quality seems good.  And they should be jpegs.

So glad you are here!!!


toucanne -> RE: "...had this been an actual emergecy of..." (7/12/2009 4:02:54 PM)

Welcome, Vikki! Nice work! [:)]


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