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Guest -> trouble uploading... (2/21/2009 1:16:47 PM)

Is anyone else having trouble uploading into their artcase? [sm=huh.gif] 
Or is it just me and my stupid dial-up? [sm=angry.gif]

I've tried different dial-ups and different browsers and nothing's working...keeps timing out...and now I have a headache. [:(] 

blumoo -> RE: trouble uploading... (2/21/2009 1:22:13 PM)

Hang on. Let me see if I have a problem.

blumoo -> RE: trouble uploading... (2/21/2009 1:25:48 PM)

I did not have a problem. How long were you trying?

Guest -> RE: trouble uploading... (2/21/2009 1:33:00 PM)

I've been trying since 8 a.m....I've been having lots of trouble lately with aol so I tried netzero and it's no better...tried firefox and safari browsers...I'm about to give up altogether. [&o]

blumoo -> RE: trouble uploading... (2/21/2009 1:37:44 PM)

I don't know what to tell you. It sounds like you connection. I will pass this on to Amie and if she has any ideas, she will give a shout. Try again later this afternoon and let me know how it goes. I am sorry you are having so much trouble. I would have given up long before you did.

gillie -> RE: trouble uploading... (2/21/2009 2:28:58 PM)

Have you tried resizing before uploading? Also, are you trying to upload detail images at the same time? If so, try uploading the main image first and then editing to add the detail images later.

So sorry you've been timing out; I can only imagine how frustating this must be for you! Please let me know if the above helps!

Guest -> RE: trouble uploading... (2/21/2009 6:37:18 PM)

Thanks Amie & Moo....I always resize my stuff to the same size and it usually works...and I tried to upload just the main image as you suggested and still no go *sigh* [&o]

But...I'm off to try again! [;)]

Guest -> RE: trouble uploading... (2/21/2009 6:52:53 PM)

Woohoo...success! [sm=cheesy.gif]

I have no idea what the problem was but I'm sure it's with my dial up. [8D]

Guest -> RE: trouble uploading... (2/21/2009 8:18:32 PM)

I have cable and I also have a problem...[:(]

gillie -> RE: trouble uploading... (2/21/2009 9:36:36 PM)



I have cable and I also have a problem...[:(]

Is this problem new or ongoing? Also, did you try any of the suggested solutions we mentioned to Olga above?

Guest -> RE: trouble uploading... (2/21/2009 10:33:10 PM)

it's new.  the pics I was trying are the same size as I already have up.  I just decided to forget about it.  It was extra pics for my wip and the ones I have up get the point across.

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