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Guest -> RE: Yet another new face (11/14/2005 11:46:06 AM)

Didn't your mom tell you that we were ooohing and aaahing over your self-portrait.  You have a great style.  Untitled is a striking image.   You can enter your female nude to the Damselfly Gallery when we have our female nudes show in 2006. 

I use ebay, no luck with cafepress (ready to close the store), and no luck with artbyus.com.  You could try oil-and-canvas.com.  That might be a nice place to pimp your oil artwork.

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dawnt -> RE: Yet another new face (11/16/2005 4:22:10 PM)

Hey MaxYax, and you too, John! Welcome!

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chinchillabutt -> RE: Yet another new face (11/16/2005 10:31:11 PM)

welcome to the forums max! [:D]

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