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gillie -> RE: feeds & firefox (6/23/2008 2:32:41 PM)

the ability to send e-cards has been disabled since last Friday while we work on our security changes (and the subsequent bugs caused by the update) so that's why that hasn't changed.

I can tell you that the most active artist right now (based on recent show participation, forum usage, and recent images uploaded) is Muriel.

Jasmine is the most favourited artist. (JB is 8th most popular)

And what I am seeing is consistent in IE, Firefox (not the newest version, which we haven't downloaded yet because we've had other nightmares to deal with this past week), Flock, and Safari, and when viewing the straight feeds (not in a feedreader) for all of these items.

My personal feedreader (active refresh) scrambles our feeds (and everyone else's) all the time. So I am not sure what to tell you.

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imakeart -> RE: feeds & firefox (6/23/2008 2:56:05 PM)

Just thought I'd add my two cents [:D]

I have that same problem in Firefox for all of my feeds, not just those associated with EBSQ. Same in Firefox 2 and 3 - I've not looked into what's causing it though.

Firefox has also been finicky with my Gmail lately. hmmm

So it seems its Firefox and not EBSQ. Dunno

dawnt -> RE: feeds & firefox (6/23/2008 3:09:02 PM)

My feeds are normal/accurate. I'm using the new Firefox 3.0.

glistenglass -> RE: feeds & firefox (6/23/2008 4:04:54 PM)

I've had good luck with the Google feedreader.

imakeart -> RE: feeds & firefox (6/23/2008 4:56:41 PM)

Sorry, I forgot to add I read my feeds on Google - my iGoogle page - and they are always off but only when I use Firefox. Can't seem to get my gmail to work with Firefox anymore either [:@] so I've been using IE and all the feeds are perfect.

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gillie -> RE: feeds & firefox (6/24/2008 9:48:39 AM)

One thing that is not clear to me is what you're using to view the feeds. Maybe you already told me, but I forgot.

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gillie -> RE: feeds & firefox (6/24/2008 12:26:00 PM)

so what you're showing us is how it's being displayed for you when you click the rss icon in IE? Or firefox? I thought the problem was with firefox...

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