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imakeart -> two questions (6/9/2008 4:41:24 PM)

1. I've been trying to upload an avatar photo but its not working [:(] 
I read the post Step by Step Avatar. . .and followed everything - I even tried doing it in Internet Explorer as opposed to Firefox, but nothing seems to work.

It actually says my image has been uploaded successfully, but I can't see it.

2. Under my user id on the forms it says Patron instead of Artist? I'm sure it has something to do with the fact I just joined today and honestly it's not all that important but just thought I should point it out. I am in fact an Artist and not a Patron [;)]

Help with the avatar would be greately appreciated!


lamillerphotography -> RE: two questions (6/9/2008 4:42:50 PM)

Hi again Amanda....I'm thinking they just haven't upgraded you yet. When that happens everything should start working for you! Again nice to meet you

gillie -> RE: two questions (6/9/2008 4:55:12 PM)


Not sure what's up with the avatar thing. Are you on a mac perhaps? Are you hitting "apply" after your upload?

Also, the patron/artist thing was our bad. Your upgrade didn't save properly on the forum end of things. We have that fixed now and you should be able to see a heck of a lot more of the forums now. Welcome!

imakeart -> RE: two questions (6/9/2008 5:16:11 PM)

No, not on a Mac.

Yes, I'm hitting apply. It must be something small. I'll take a look at it again after dinner - maybe that my brain just needs refueling.

Thanks for fixing the forum [:)]

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