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jcborrero -> Avatar woes (10/16/2005 9:39:46 AM)

OK.  I never did get this right, and now I have a little x, so I decided to ask for help...

I have an avatar I want to use. 

How do I get my avatar to fall within the size requirement without it becoming miniscule?

What I have been doing is shrinking it in Photoshop... but then I get something ridiculously small.  help? 



Guest -> RE: Avatar woes (10/16/2005 9:54:01 AM)

I've had the same problem only I use the Microsoft photo editor (even less options).  I've been going to the resize picture and doing it little by little until it reaches 200kb.

jcborrero -> RE: Avatar woes (10/16/2005 9:57:19 AM)

... and the avatar has to be 10kb

This is what my avatar looks like at 10kb:


Harlan -> RE: Avatar woes (10/16/2005 9:58:37 AM)

Check to see if your Photoshop has a "SAVE FOR WEB" option (under the FILE menu) - that seems to help letting you save the image as a larger visual size but a smaller file size.

You might also upload your to be avatar to this message thread (use the upload thingie below the input box) and perhaps one of us can get it right for you. ;)

jcborrero -> RE: Avatar woes (10/16/2005 10:10:17 AM)

OK... so

1)  I've had photoshop for 7 years, and I've NEVER seen the save for web option, but there it is right in front of me... and it opens up this whole other screen that I'd NEVER seen before... WILD... its like walking through your house and finding a room you'd never been in before.

2)  You're a genius.

3)  You're amazing.

Thanks!  :)  I think it worked.  If it doesn't I'll be back.  [:D]  (It uploaded successfully... but it hasn't appeared yet... is that normal?)


jcborrero -> RE: Avatar woes (10/16/2005 12:57:24 PM)

ok.  It didn't work.

Here's the original image that i would like to make my avatar... [>:]  it makes me mad to give up.

But, that little red x is kind of annoying.  [&:]



Deleted User -> [Deleted] (10/16/2005 1:04:47 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

jcborrero -> RE: Avatar woes (10/16/2005 1:09:41 PM)


Thanks Dawn! 

It worked!  :)  I'm here.


chinchillabutt -> RE: Avatar woes (10/16/2005 1:27:40 PM)

dig the overalls[:)]

Harlan -> RE: Avatar woes (10/16/2005 2:49:53 PM)

HUrrah!!! :D

Great avatar too!!! :D :D :D

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