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Harlan -> The Mysterious World of Members (7/20/2007 1:05:27 PM)

HELLO!!!!!  How are you???

For those of you who are exploring the public forums here on EBSQ wondering if you really should join - I thought I would give you a place to ask members about what it is like and what we do here!!

It's good!! I have belonged to many online communities of one type or another. I've been online since the early 1980s so I have a long history in online communities and EBSQ is one of my all time favorites!!!

The forums here are very special because of the members - we have amazing members and such a sense of community!!! Some are super accomplished artists and some are new artists! If you browse through the galleries in the main EBSQ areas you'll see what a wide variety of artists are here! Not all members frequent the forums but we have very active forums!! :)

Here are some highlights:

Critique Forum - which is also a "works in progress" forum - Members post what they are working on and can be asking for assistance resolving some issue or help with improving their skills or just to show what they are doing no critiques needed. This forum is always jumping!! And it is exciting - we see a lot of different types of work, paintings - fantasy; realism; impressionism; abstract; oil; acrylic etc, viking chain demonstration, metalsmithing - SO MANY WORKS!!!!
I just love how thoughtful people are when they do offer critiques!! The information we share is always useful and often to many more members than just the artist that posted the work!!

Pimping Art Forum: This is where members post images of their latest works. It's like a magical gallery that is constantly changing, can include any sort of art work you can think of - and you get to talk to with the artist because they are right there - you can ask questions, pay complments, ask about technique. Just a wonderful place to share what we are doing!! Sometimes a member will have a wonderful piece but no title and will ask for our help. People show off what they are doing for the various shows here on EBSQ. We have a RIP SHOW thread going now in which the artists are showing their versions of another members work - I love that!! It is so interesting to see the cross inspiration of this show which doesn't even touch on how much FUN it is!!!

Coffee Talk: While we're all artists we're also so much more!! We all have lives outside our studios and Coffee Talk (and some related forums such as Random Humor, In the News, Vent) are always JUMPING!!! So many deep friendships have been formed here!! We talk about what is going on, we sometimes do questions of the day, or find a game to share, we talk about our kids and the weather and vacations. We laugh, we cry, we lend support to one another, we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries or accomplishments and share losses and hardships!! I have never been in a community that has been as supportive of others as are the EBSQ members!!!

There are forums for helping people handle technical problems with the site or helping them learn how to update their profiles and art cases and enter shows. We have forums about marketing and selling on the web, doing commissions, doing reproductions, building websites - We even have some vendor forums now for Imagekind and Etsy!!!! Forums for the best places to by art supplies, forums for talking about art history and art in the news and MORE!!!

We're doing workshops - right now we have one running on Composition and the exchange of ideas and information is so inspiring. It only started a little while ago and it is already in its 15th page and it continues to grow!! There are plans for more workshops too!! Workshops that will really be useful to the members - because the members are the ones helping to decide what workshops we will do! :)

Ever need to find the answer to some art related problem? Some one here probably knows the answer or knows where to find it! There is so much sharing of information!!!

I've left out so very much!!

So - do you have questions??

What would you like to know about our special community?? I'm going to tell my friends to keep an eye on this thread so you'll be hearing from more than just me - you'll hear it from them and that should help you get a real sense of what the membership community is like!!

Guest -> RE: The Mysterious World of Members (7/20/2007 2:28:44 PM)

I am truly addicted to this community!  I believe from the bottom of my heart that as an artist I couldn't have grown as fast without the help and support of all the artists here at EBSQ!   I get wonderful critiques and advice.. and I get to chit chat.. it part of my daily routine now!!  I love it here!..   The shows and galleries here are awesome..


glistenglass -> RE: The Mysterious World of Members (7/20/2007 2:37:35 PM)

The public forums on EBSQ are but the tip of the iceberg here. What you can't see would boggle your mind! We have a vibrant community of artists who support each other in a myriad of endeavors, and who support each other in our daily lives including the ups and downs that we all experience. It's quite a special group!

Oh, and besides all that? We have *FUN*!!!

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (7/20/2007 2:52:28 PM)

[Deleted by Admins]

Harlan -> RE: The Mysterious World of Members (7/20/2007 3:09:34 PM)

This really is an amazing community!!!

Surely you have questions to ask us about what it is like to be a member!!

Don't be shy!! We are a friendly group!!!

toucanne -> RE: The Mysterious World of Members (7/20/2007 5:56:56 PM)

I was a patron for a year and a half before I joined. Looked at the public forums, but didn't pay much attention.
I finally joined because I wanted to enter the shows... Then I discovered the forums. I had *no idea* how numerous they were, and how great! The variety of information on techniques, marketing, and so many other topics is truly mind-boggling. This is a true artists' community where I have made many wonderful friends.

bromley2 -> RE: The Mysterious World of Members (7/20/2007 7:10:33 PM)

I have found this community to be a unique and caring group of talented artists.  Your missing a lot if you don't become part of this community...really.

I have found that my art has grown with my involvement with this community,,,,the support is amazing.

Ok, maybe this sounds over the top, but this is really a great place! 


GreenBiscuit -> RE: The Mysterious World of Members (7/21/2007 12:27:56 AM)


ORIGINAL: toucanne

I was a patron for a year and a half before I joined.

I was a patron for a day and a half, then joined as an artist.  It was a life changing experience, honestly.  It may be for you, as well.  Try it for a month, and see what happens.  [;)]

labeana -> RE: The Mysterious World of Members (7/21/2007 2:59:43 AM)

I feel seriously deprived if I can't spend some time each day on ebsq's wonderful forum....I live in a pretty isolated area so it's my only chance to exchange ideas and socialize....and enjoy the give and take of a group of talented, generous and endearing artists..

Guest -> RE: The Mysterious World of Members (7/21/2007 9:42:49 AM)

I am also quite isolated.  EBSQ has changed that for me.  With all the different topics, critiques, discussions going on it is definitely an educational forum.  I have learned so much about techniques, composition and art in general since joining.

Love the chat rooms too, lots of fun subjects and talking going on, on every subject.  Can ask or give advise on anything.  The community is filled with very generous, social and sharing artists.

Guest -> RE: The Mysterious World of Members (7/28/2007 6:58:22 PM)

I was a patron quite a few years ago...I occassionally looked at the public forums. I thought it interesting but it is only the tip of the iceberg as they say.
I joined in order to establish an on-line portfolio that looked good. A totally unexpected perk was the forums! Wow. Everything from plain old friendly stuff to very media specific details being shared.
I get way behind if I miss a few days.
It is a great place to be.
Check us out.[:)]

Deleted User -> [Deleted] (8/17/2007 6:40:33 PM)

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