We are sorry...

You are seeing this message because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Your session timed out.
  2. The server was restarted before you made a HTTP POST (posting a message, registering an account, login, etc.)

Problem #1:

You probably spent too much time and your session timed out. This is, however, rarely the cause of the problem because we implemented a session keep-alive mechanism to prevent this issue from happening. However, the server itself could have experienced some problems that prevented this mechanism to work as it should, and therefore we cannot completely rule out the possibility of this either.

You need to make sure your browser has cookies enabled. See below for instructions:

Netscape Communicator 4+:

  • Select "Edit" from the browser Menu bar
  • Select "Preferences"
  • Double click on "Advanced"
  • Verify that "Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server" is selected
  • Select the "OK" button

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+:

  • Select "View" from the browser Menu bar
  • Select "Internet Options"
  • Select "Security" tab
  • Select "Custom (for expert users)" security level and select the "Settings" button
  • Locate "Cookies" and verify that "Allow per-session cookies (not stored)" is enabled
  • Select the "OK" button on the "Security" window
  • Select the "OK" button on the "Internet Options" window

If you already have cookies enabled and still experienced the problem, see problem #2 below for other possible causes.

Problem #2:

Your server experienced problems and was forced to restart. Restarting a server will erase all session data and our protective mechansim had no choice but to drop your HTTP POST because we had no way to identify you without valid session data.

Many forum administrators host their forums on shared servers, on which could have more than 200 sites hosted together. Sometimes the server has to be restarted because some badly written programs on other sites may drain the CPU/RAM and cause the IIS to restart itself. This is unfortunately an inevitable situation that many site administrators and its users have to face from time to time.

Technical Information