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Lindi Levison

Artist's Interview

How long have you been creating?
I can't remember NOT creating. I have always loved doing art from the time I was very small. In school, I was known for my artistic abilities. Even teachers would ask me to illustrate subject matter on the board if they felt they could not. Still, I've never really felt especially "talented" or "skilled". It is simply what I do... Part of what makes me "me.".
What is your medium of choice?
Definitely acrylic. It's versatile. Sometimes I paint with my hands, sticks, wadded up plastic bags or newspapers... You name it. Acrylics seem to work well with whatever my mood is. And they dry very quickly. Even though I enjoy the creative process, I am intensely impatient when it comes to art. I suppose I can't wait to see what the end result will be, probably something like waiting for a newborn to arrive.
What are your motivations for creating?
The fact that people want to own it is a major motivation. Or even that they just like to look... It's very flattering to receive an email from someone saying how much they enjoy looking at my art, or how a particular image made them smile, or made their day better somehow. Realistically, I have to say that the money motivates me as well. Even though my income is small, I was always told when I was younger that one can never make a living doing fine art. I am extremely proud to say that I do.
What other artists and movements inform your work?
Time and again I am influenced by what I see in nature itself... the shape of the clouds, leaves fluttering in the wind, the fiercely intense colors of a paper-thin flower petal... the infinite contrasts, colors, and shapes. The essence of nature pervades much of my work. A lot of my pieces are very closeup, or "zoomed in" on... usually because I am trying to intensify the beauty of what is already there (if that's possible). I want to shake people into seeing what might be right under their noses.
What do you find stimulating right now? How does this influence your creative process?
The sky. Clouds. I am surprised I am not bumping into things, what with walking around looking up all the time. It is my inspiration at the moment.
Read anything good lately?
Oh dear. Here comes the proverbial can of worms. I rarely have time for "pleasure reading"... The last book I thumbed through was a Suzuki GS500E Repair Manual. The starter went out on my motorcycle a few days ago, and I had to replace it. I like thumbing through the dictionary once in awhile, too. When I find time to read,it is invariably non-fiction, because I like learning new things.
Luminous colour seems to be a real feature of your work; any tips for the beginning colourist?
Pay attention to complimentary colors. If you are painting an orange, don't use darker orange, red, or black to do the shading... Use blue. It will make all the difference if you want some"pop" and "sizzle"! Take a beginning painting class from a recommended instructor, if you haven't already. I can't tell you how much you will learn - it's amazing!
What would you like your fellow EBSQ artists and collectors to know about you and or your work?
I want them to know that I appreciate them "being there" for me. And I want them to know that the best of me is yet to come... really. I can feel it. You ain't seen nothin' yet! :-)

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