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Bonnie G Morrow

Artist's Interview

How long have you been making art?
I have been creating art for as far back as I have memory. I come from an artistic family and was always encouraged to explore all areas that my creative urges would lead me.
What other artists and movements inform your work?
I enjoy all forms of art and my interests are varied. There are no specific artists or movements that I prefer one to another. I find all forms of art and creativity stimulating and inspiring. Seeing the works of anyone's creativity is food for my soul and my own creativity.
How would you describe your work?
My work is an expression of me. It expresses where my emotions are at the particular time that I create something. I try to reflect in my work the beauty and blessings that I find in the world around me and how I perceive it. I love to blend and combine colors in both my tassels and paintings. I also enjoy the movement and emotions that can be expressed in both forms of my art.
What are your motivations for creating?
My motivation for creating usually comes from within me. It is a drive that cannot be refused. Ideas/visions come to me for certain creations whether it be for a tassel or painting and will continue to build until the vision is crystal clear and then I must create what I see in my mind's eye. When the vision is crystal clear, the piece just seems to flow easily and comes together perfectly.
How, if at all, have the events of 9-11 impacted your art making?
I was devastated by the events of September 11th and I will never forget that day and how tragically it affected so many innocent lives. I found that I was unable to work or even think. I was basically in shock, as was most of the world, that there could be such pure evil among us. I woke up one morning with an idea for a tassel to sell on eBay to raise funds for the 9/11 charities. I was amazed at how easily the design came together and I was able to work, as I felt I was finally able to do something/anything to help. I have since created several tassels in memory of the victims of September 11th with all of the proceeds going to various 9/11 charities. I believe the events of that horrible day will always impact my work, as it forced me to face the fact that true evil can be lurking among us without us being aware.
What do you find stimulating right now? How does this influence your creative process?
This time of year is always very stimulating for me. It is like the world is waking up and beginning to bring forth the wonderful array of beautiful colors that have been hidden over the winter - from flowers to sunsets - such inspiring color!
How does two-dimensional art influence your beading? and vice versa?
I am sure that everything I see and experience influences my work in some way or another whether it is 2 dimensional or not. I would have to say that 2 dimensional art influences my beading by seeing a certain color in a 2 dimensional piece, which will usually spark an idea. The difficulty comes with trying to find the color in the beads, as there are hundreds of colors of beads, but often I am unable to acquire the color I am after. My beading does influence my painting, as sometimes a fiber or strand of beads will move or catch the light in a certain way and inspire a painting. Beading is a very exacting and rather restrictive process with many limitations as far as color and form. That is why I have chosen abstract as my preferred painting form, as it allows me pure freedom of movement, color and design that I am often unable to enjoy with beading.
Do you find people often don't take you seriously as a fine artist because of your non-traditional media?
No, I have not found that to be true. I find it interesting that some might think that, but it doesn't bother me. Aren't we all artists in one form or another when we follow our creative urges? I know some wonderful cooks who are artisans in their kitchens producing delectable and beautiful taste treats, writers who create their art with the perfect mixing of words, gardeners who create stunning beauty out of a handful of seeds and soil, the list goes on and on. Anyone who follows their own creativity and does it to the best of their ability is a fine artist in my opinion.
What would you like your fellow EBSQ artists and collectors to know about you and or your work?
I am very passionate about all of my varied forms of artistic expression. Every piece I create, whether it is a tassel or a painting, takes a part of me with it. I put my heart and soul into everything that I do.

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