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Art Show: Zombie Chickens

The Zombie Chicken Hunter

by john christopher borrero

Banner for Zombie Chickens art show

Art: The Zombie Chicken Hunter by Artist john christopher borrero

What you are about to read and see will upset you. It will disturb you. Some will not believe it possible. Others will think it a hoax. Sadly, a good number of my readers out there today will know all too well the truth behind this story.

I'm going to share confidential information with you. Information that the government doesn't want you to know. Why am I sharing it? Because I think you have a RIGHT to know. You have a right to see what has come of our government's misguided experimentation on the poultry that you and your family consume.

It began innocently enough as biogenetic experimentation, discussed pretty openly in the paper. "Scientists Invent Super Chickens. Eat poultry: Fight disease!" The inventors were hailed as miracle workers. The team that developed this work was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Science. It was a grand day for research. But, we were too ambitious. We were too hungry for advancement. And we pushed our chickens too far.

What started as anti-bacterial agents being injected into chickens quickly progressed to antivirals. Then, under pressure from the penal system, poultry was altered with mood enhancers. “Eat chicken. Feel happy.” No one complained. Under pressure from the food industry lobbyists, poultry was once again altered... this time to contain appetite stimulants. People would eat... and always be hungry for more. They would buy more food. The economy would benefit greatly. And eat they did. More and more. But something went wrong.

The chickens themselves began to exhibit signs of mood alteration. And insatiable hunger. Mere feed was not enough. They needed blood. Meat. Farmers fed them meat in secret, not wanting to disrupt such a lucrative new business. Then small animals started disappearing. At first just cats and dogs. Then cows. Then horses. At first, the odd cases of mutilation were ignored. "Wild Animal Attacks Villagers" is what headlines read. Nothing specific.

And then, as inoculation attempts failed and more high profile chickens became infected, the zombification of poultry became an unavoidable public health issue. With a ferocious appetite and a taste for blood, these so called “Zombie Chickens" took to the streets and turned their sights on the very people that once hunted them for sustenance.

Even Hollywood chickens succumbed to the deadly virus. A few famous cases hit the headlines... and the lid was blown off of the story.

I knew about the problem long before then. You see, I'm a Zombie Chicken hunter. I hunt Zombie Chickens wherever they peck and lie. Recently, on a stakeout mission in the New York City subway tunnel system, I uncovered a roost of high profile Zombified chickens hiding out, picking off passengers from the deserted subways at night.

I took this picture on the night of that stakeout. The picture along with all the other evidence was later confiscated by the government. But I was able to get this copy out to show you today.Many chickens met their makers that night. I smoked at least a dozen of them. Foghorn is dust. Little Red Hen is a goner. The Muppet chicken put up a good fight... but in the end she was no match for our anti-chicken combat system.

The others escaped.

These beastly birds must be stopped! Together we can take back our world and our supermarkets! Follow me as I work to create a world once again free of hostile chickenry. Let’s dream together of a place where poultry doesn’t mean fear.

Contact me today! My name is Borrero. John Borrero. Middle initial C. The C stands for Chicken. I'm a Zombie Chicken Hunter.

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Detail Image for art The Zombie Chicken Hunter

It began innocently enough...

Detail Image for art The Zombie Chicken Hunter

We pushed our chickens too far...

Detail Image for art The Zombie Chicken Hunter

The C is for Chicken!


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