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Art Show: Fallen from Grace

Prospectus and Entry Instructions

Exhibit Entries accepted from 5/25/2004 to 6/25/2004.

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We know them. We may have loved them but for one reason or another, they are no longer in favor. They have fallen from grace. What "they" are is up to you. Is it a trend or fashion, like disco and the Rubik's Cube? A place such as Studio 54 or Cypress Gardens? It could be an individual like Paul Rubens or Martha Stewart. Or is it more personal? Such as an activity, a toy or a favorite food? Regardless if it is serious, humorous, weird or just forgotten, we invite you to explore the what's and who's we have put on a shelf.

This is a juried show, open to EBSQ Plus members only.

This is a Juried Show

Juror: Robert Wittig

Juror's Statement

When Amie asked me if I wanted to judge this show... I jumped at the chance. It looked like there was a good chance, I might learn something.

Back in June, 2002, I painted 'Enrot' (, and another painting, 'ShadowLiar' (, which was less historically specific, but which was, to my eye, closer to the underlying reality... that beneath every lie, resides fear. Speaking for myself, if I'm not afraid of something, there is little reason to lie.

In my opinion, the fine arts are fields of endeavour that are more subjective than objective, and that key in more on the emotions, than intellect... not an 'all or nothing' rule, but a general tendency. Feelings, as opposed to facts, and (this is important) honesty, as opposed to truth. Truth is something that we can all agree upon... like the boiling point of water at sea level, or the speed of light. Honesty is something that only the individual can know for certain... whether it exists or not. If I really, truly believe that the sky is red, but I tell you that it is blue, because 'everybody says so', then I may be stating a truth, but it is also a lie.

I believe that art has to maintain a level of honesty, just like a business... Enron, or Martha Stewart does... or the work it produces will 'fall from grace'. If I make paintings of sunflowers, because they are popular, and sell well on eBay (and do they ever!)... but inside, I feel like abandoned houses and factories, and desolate winter landscapes... I suspect that the work will fail, because my heart (emotions) will not be in it. My work will 'fall from grace', due to lack-o- honesty. Let the scientists tell us about the physical aspects of the planet upon which we exist... that is their rightful domain. Let those involved in the fine arts show what the human condition feels like, from inside their specific human shells.

This show is, therefore, a double-edged sword... addressing a subject... our Public Icons who have 'Fallen From Grace', in a medium (the fine visual arts), that's own success as a medium, depends on the same human attribute... honesty... which is the most likely culprit (by virtue of its absence), of the downfall of our Public... and very human... Icons.

There... but for me... go I.

About the Juror

About Wittig...

I earn my living as a painter, writer, and garbage picker... but not necessarily in that order.

... am Deaf, and have strong interest in the poetry and storytelling traditions of ASL (American Sign Language), in addition to my work in paint and print.

... did poorly in school, did not attend university, and am essentially self-taught in all areas.

... believe that much of the value in the human experiment resides in its garbage... material, intellectual, and human.

... believe that the 'ArtWorld' construct, of the last three decades of the 20th century, in large measure abandoned its mission to humanity, that mission being the creation of resonance between intellect and emotion, in order that we might mature emotionally through art, at the same rate that we mature intellectually through science.

Otherwise, we wind up as we are now... a species with the intellectual advancement to create technology that can either benefit mankind greatly, or destroy the planet, coupled with a level of emotional maturity that will essentially insure the latter.

The truth of science, without the emotional honesty that only art is capable of bringing to the equation, makes a deadly cocktail.

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